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The owners of Thomas Blonde in Oklahoma City, are dedicated to representing the style and decor of your space with an unforgettable Signature Scent called Blonde.

“We feel that a candle or a scent should compliment any area you call home and show who you are as an individual,” Greenroyd said. “Oftentimes people spend money on their homes in various styles of decoration and neglect one of the more sensitive senses we have at our disposal which is our smell. With Thomas Blonde, we want to create your home’s signature scent.”

Thomas Blonde defines their line of scented products as “Far From Ordinary,” though their signature scent will be familiar to those who visited Oklahoma City’s Urban Farmhouse Designs. This iconic aroma remains the sensory marker for visitors of Urban Farmhouse Designs, originally established under Cherami Thomas.

That particular scent developed a dedicated following, so we knew that had to be the Thomas Blonde signature scent too.

After selling Urban Farmhouse Designs in 2018, Thomas was doing home renovations and commercial projects alongside her husband before eventually creating a new company with her business partner, Tony Greenroyd.

The name Thomas Blonde, similar to the numerous scented products, was designed through the combined efforts of both Thomas and Greenroyd. Thomas is Cherami’s last named then paired with the hair color of her hair “Blonde.”

Though many fragrance businesses focus on feminine scents, Thomas Blonde strikes a balance catering to a unisex audience in a varying line of products with sophisticated, simple and earthy undertones. Items including candles, room spray, laundry detergent, perfume, aroma diffusers and bath + body products. All of their scents are specially made through their in-house chemist. Making a new scent is a tailor made and time-consuming process that can take up to 6 months. This shows the company’s dedication towards making a long-lasting, environmentally conscious fragrance.

While these items are structured to be a home’s signature scent, the combination of two or more of their scents is designed to compliment each other. You can combine them to make a completely new scent. This is called “scent layering” in the industry and they are pioneers.

We use 100 percent essential oil with no carriers or phthalates in our products, meaning our customers won’t be inhaling harmful fumes and it’s better for the environment. Not to mention our candles can burn up to 80 hours while those with carriers typically last around 50 hours or so. At the end of the day, it’s always been quality over quantity for us. top selling fragrances


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