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Magician in Beverly Hills

Based in Los Angeles and Orange County, Tetro is a distinguished magician and mentalist who has devoted years to perfecting his art. His ongoing innovation in performance art has established him as a top-tier entertainer, a recognition cemented by his recent accolade as the Corporate Magician of the Year, awarded by the International Magicians Society. Tetro has had the privilege of being guided by a globally renowned magic mentor and is a proud graduate of the esteemed Magic and Mystery School in Las Vegas.

Tetro is renowned for his refined sleight-of-hand techniques and cutting-edge mentalism, offering captivating, unforgettable experiences for his audience. He showcases his talents at the iconic Magic Castle in Hollywood, where he recently clinched the top spot for the second time in the close-up strolling magic competition. A member of the Society of American Magicians, Tetro is also a respected teacher and recipient of honors from the International Brotherhood of Magicians. For an extraordinary entertainment experience at your event, consider booking Tetro! Magician in Beverly Hills


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