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airstream restoration

Texoma Classics, situated in Sherman, Texas, near the Oklahoma border and Lake Texoma, is a renowned classic car restoration and custom recreation service provider. They excel in revitalizing a wide range of classic vehicles, including Dodge Brothers and Model T cars, by combining timeless designs with modern technology. The team's expertise extends beyond simple restorations to reviving automotive history, offering services like custom paint jobs, authentic upholstery, and modern upgrades such as Vintage Air Conditioning and advanced audio systems

Their passion for classic cars drives them to achieve excellence in every restoration, ensuring each vehicle is a tribute to its legacy while being equipped for modern roads. Texoma Classics is celebrated not just for preserving classic cars but for redefining them, marrying tradition with state-of-the-art efficiency

They also specialize in building replicas or recreations of classic cars from scratch, tailored to the client's style and preferences, including a variety of body styles like Cobra Kit Cars, Chevelle Kit Cars, Hot Rod Kit Cars, Speedsters, Coupes, and even Supercar builds like the Ford GT

Their commitment to quality and customer experience makes them a leading choice in the Texomaland area. Their comprehensive services ensure every vehicle aspect is meticulously crafted to meet both heritage standards and modern expectations

Texoma Classics prides itself on its reputation, built on trust, expert skill, and a deep love for classic cars. They invite clients to discuss their vision and guide them through the restoration or recreation process, promising a seamless fusion of past and present in each project

Their Project Gallery showcases a blend of tradition and cutting-edge technology, featuring restomods and classic recreations. It includes detailed chronicles of vehicles like the '69 Camaro restomod, 1969 Mustang restomod, and Corvette restomod, highlighting the transformation of each vehicle

Texoma Classics represents a bridge between the past and the future of classic cars, transforming classics into restomods ready for today's roads while honoring their heritage

airstream restoration


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