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High-quality brushtail children’s possum merino apparel

Brushtail is a sustainable fashion brand that specializes in children’s possum merino clothing. With a commitment to ethical sourcing and environmental consciousness, Brushtail offers a range of high-quality, warm, and soft garments for kids.

The company takes pride in using natural fibers in their products, specifically sourced from brushtail possums found in New Zealand. This unique blend of possum fur and merino wool creates a fabric that is not only incredibly soft but also has excellent insulating properties, keeping children warm and comfortable in colder climates.

Brushtail focuses on promoting sustainability by using eco-friendly production methods and ensuring the ethical treatment of animals throughout the supply chain. By prioritizing responsible sourcing, the brand strives to minimize its environmental impact and support the preservation of wildlife habitats.

The collection offered by Brushtail features a variety of stylish and trendy designs suitable for children ages 2 -7. From cozy sweaters and hats to comfortable gloves and socks, every item is carefully crafted to provide both functionality and fashion. The brand understands the importance of keeping kids comfortable and stylish, whether they’re playing outdoors or attending special occasions.

Brushtail’s commitment to sustainability, combined with their dedication to producing top-quality clothing, makes them a go-to choice for parents seeking durable and eco-friendly options for their children. By choosing Brushtail, customers not only support a responsible business but also invest in garments that are made to last, reducing the need for frequent replacements.

Overall, Brushtail is a brand that combines fashion, sustainability, and comfort, offering a range of children’s possum merino clothing that not only keeps kids warm but also aligns with ethical and eco-friendly values. High-quality brushtail children’s possum merino apparel


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